Dryer Control

How many times have you wished a system that automatically and with any type or brand of dryer allows you to have the desired moisture content with a simple click ?

No need to control directly Dryer parameters and simple button in order to keep product specifications. The system provides two (2) isolated digital output for each sensor, and manage a vacuum box, a screw or a recirculation valve and a command operates on the exhaust valve and opens only when the material has reached the level of moisture in the specified setpoint and closes automatically when the moisture level, for some reason, rises above the setpoint.

These options are fully configurable in the specific page. (VIDEO) immediately after pressing KEY CONTROL ON, the exhaust valve or the suction of the vacuum box is active for the time set in the configuration parameters. After the successful extraction and new material in the sensor, the sensor detects the measurement and compares it with the setpoint.

At this point comes into operation an automatic algorithm (STC) that calculates the time for the next sampling, taking into account the difference between the current measure, the setpoint and the difference in moisture content from the previous measurement.

When system is started, after the first absolute measurement, the second sampling is carried out after 20 minutes. Setpoint reached  When it reaches the desired setpoint, the system waits for 2 minutes and repeat sampling. This procedure avoids entering into production a non dried product; it is well known that near inlet of dried air the material is usually more dried than the material located close to the walls of the hopper or in the upper part.

If the measurement of the second sample (RE-CHECK) confirms that setpoint is reached, the system display a message and the exhaust valve is opened. During unloading the material is measured continuously and if moisture values are above the setpoint , the valve automatically closes and sampling cycles starts again.