About us

Our Genesis

Bry-Air PROKON has a long and illustrious legacy. Our genesis can be traced to Chiasso, Switzerland when PROKON began operations in July 2008. Derived from the German word Prozess-Kontrolle (Process control) PROKON was a privately held firm that specialized in designing processes and developing Hardware and software for Industrial automation. It catered primarily to the plastic machinery industry and developed tools like extruders, winders, and blenders.

Our Journey

Over the years we acquired a rich portfolio of clientele belonging to several European companies. Our extensive industrial association exposed us to the perils of residual moisture content in non-ferrous materials that negatively impacts productive quality. In July 2010,  Bry-Air Asia proposed to participate in PROKON’s journey as a shareholder and investor for the industrialization and marketing of the sensor. Over the years, we have successfully aligned the industry knowledge of PROKON, a European specialist organization with the strong technology expertise of universities researchers and customers to deliver pioneering technology in moisture measurement.

Our Differentiators

Bry-Air PROKON caters to a niche industry delivering moisture sensors for measuring moisture content. Propelled by the accomplishments of our technology specialists and senior engineers, we have developed a deep domain expertise in moisture content measurement. Our innovative moisture sensors have helped our customers maintain precise control of temperature and humidity in their product development and storage processes.The key cornerstone for our process centered approach is customer-centricity. We believe in the following practices that makes our approach work:

  • A focus on markets to understand the need.
  • A need to innovate to remain relevant.
  • An emphasis on leveraging excellent teamwork to deliver quality.

The PROKON Advantage

Bry-Air PROKON specializes in developing a unique range of non-invasive moisture sensors for industrial applications that harness the non-contact moisture measurement technology. This equips Bry-Air PROKON’s HI-TECH sensor based products to impart a unique sophistication to moisture testing techniques. Our products are geared to help us measure real-time moisture content in a wide range of bulk materials, both organic and synthetic. We have equipped our moisture analyzers to function with a level of precision that help them deliver results with maximum accuracy and repeatability.


In September 2010, Bry-Air PROKON was awarded with CTI Start – Up label for – “Ready for Sustainable Business Development” by the Swiss Confederation’s Innovation Promotion Agency CTI. The CTI StartUp Label is an impressive stamp on our brand and reflects our continuous thirst for excellence that has helped us achieve technology driven innovation for the benefit of Industries. Our technically advanced moisture sensors are a reflection of that aspiration. Our products are accurate, reliable and a hearty addition to the relevant industry.