“The innovator has for opponents all those who have done well under the old conditions, and lukewarm defenders in those who may do well under the new”

Dynamic continuous evolutionary innovation


bxxxoxOur effective R&D strategy allows for a combination of creative freedom and focused efforts.The technology used for our product, requires a constant research and development. Bry-Air PRO-KON believes that true competitive advantage is achieved by constantly improving the performances that our product can offer and we are committed to ensuring our innovations translate into real value for customers. We have set in the Company Statute a large re-investment of the profits for R&D and highly qualified personnel, we strongly believe that investing in R&D  brings a huge influx of knowledge. The know-how acquired, thanks to close cooperation with major industrial partners, customers, vendors , universities and many tests on field, allows a continuous product development.

The key components of our R&D strategy

“Count what is countable, measure what is measurable, and what is not measurable, make measurable”

  • Build our existing businesses in moisture problems while developing additional synergetic products (e.g. dryers manifactures, customers , research labs).
  • Pursue an R&D-focused growth strategy by internal projects, especially those which would accelerate value creation. Selectively form partnerships for these products to minimize risk, and optimize investment and return.
  • Focus on people: It takes professionals from many areas of expertise, working together over a sustained period of time, to create an innovative technology. We know that products don’t discover or sell themselves and so continue to grow our innovative team of creative minds.
  • The full knowledge of the processes brings excellent results, especially in the long run. Provides the right solutions with the right costs.
  • Swiss technology guaranteed.

Partnerships with University – A scientific approach to the problem

Since our company was founded, we have always maintained relations with the academic world, in particular with the University of Applied Sciences of Southern Switzerland. With the use of high technology labs and scientific knowledge of Senior engineers and Researchers,we have solved several problems, developing a growing expertise and a variety of solutions that we have made available to our products and customers.