Inline Moisture Analyzer

for Pellets, Powders and other Raw Materials. Organic and Synthetic Products



The Moisture Minder™ sensor is the only online, real time moisture analyzer that provides moisture content of hygroscopic plastics in percent or ppm (parts per million).



Bryscan sensors™ have been designed to meet the most demanding requirements and needs expressed by the industry. The rugged stainless-steel body, supplies long life with accurate results. The measuring method enables the determination of core moisture content independently to the density, color and surface structure of the measured material. Based on compact construction, they can be easily installed in various places within the production line. The products are built using quality components, to the highest standards and specifications. We can therefore offer our product guaranteed by the Swiss-made technology.


About Moisture Minder™

The Moisture Minder™ accurately displays the actual moisture content of plastic pellets, flakes or regrind, in % or PPM (parts per million). Moisture Minder™ sensors can be retrofitted to virtually any drying hopper, silo, material line or machine throat and the moisture analysis is displayed on a color touch screen control which can display data for up to eight hoppers. Trending screens are standard on the controls and options are available to divert or re-circulate material that is not within your dryness specifications. (more info here).


Direct Inline measurement

By implementing Moisture Minder™ you will eliminate the need for Offline Moisture Analyzers. Save money, time and prevent negative results due to inconsistencies and human error. Offline Moisture Analyzers are ineffective at preventing bad product because the product has already been produced by the time the test is done. Instead of relying on a 10 gram sample to represent an entire hopper full of resin, wouldn’t it be more practical and efficient if you knew the moisture content of all the resin coming out of your hopper ?  

Auto-calibration function

Auto-calibration function, present a considerable enhancement of the measurement accuracy and repeatability. The purpose of the auto calibration function is to correct the accumulated errors at the sensor output. References physical inputs are used to allow the adjustment of the measurement and to calculate the calibration coefficients so the transfer function of the measurement chain is periodically corrected.


Ease of use has been achieved paying detailed attention to the physical and logical ergonomics of the navigation menu, customer support operations, settings, calibrations, schedules and alarms. Proprietary (PRO-soft) code monitors and controls all aspects of the Bry-SCAN function, including automatic internal calibration, math calculations, diagnostics and communication. With larger sensor installations where multiple sample points are required, it is normally advantageous to use a multi-channel control box. These units provide economic benefits and allow easy installation for an expanding plant which may have further requirements for moisture measurement in the future. All the most common industrial interfaces for factory automation & integration with other systems are supported.


Our way to introduce our customers to the future 4.0 smart technology.

BRYSCAN systems guarantee connectivity with enterprise operating systems and information technology through the latest standards . They provide remote control via VNC and WebServer. Bryscan System is not just an analysis tool, it’s a way to get data, statistics, and to impose a quality standard on your production line.