Bryscan Moisture sensors can offer this chance: a system that allows you to have full control over the drying phase of the raw material, with the remarkable ability to store data directly during production, without any need to sample for analysis.

Total Traceability Integration and Production Traceability of moisture data is a must in Medical and automotive industries. Moisture Minder™ can collect dynamic production process information, optimize production allocation, achieve advanced manufacturing and trace the production process of products. Furthermore this production process information can be monitored remotely by pc, tablet or smatphone. An important new step forward in controlling production is the traceability of each stage: from raw material storage to shipment of the finished product.

Traceability is the act of documenting every step in a process chain. It will record the history, location, or use of an item by means of automated identification.This monitoring implementation is very important because it allows not only the company to trace any part of the product’s processing, as well as a useful flow of data, but gives the ultimate customer the ability to be protected.

Therefore, with the complete traceability of a production line, the following results can be obtained:

  1. Comply with regulatory and quality standards
  2. Proactively manage product recalls with near-real-time corrective action
  3. Improve customer safety, customer satisfaction, and profit margin
  4. Manage product quality and reduce the cost of nonconformance