Under the common name moisture analyzer, thousands of systems can be found on the market, the applications and purposes for which are designed are different. All the in-line devices are so called “indirect methods”. Indirect methods use the change in an electrical or structural characteristic of a material as a relationship of its moisture content. Common measurements are changes in capacitance, conductivity, reaction to radio frequencies or microwaves, in addition changes absorption of electro-magnetic radiation relate to changes in material moisture. Because these methods are indirect, a calibration against a known moisture amount is needed. This extra, offers the speed of obtaining a moisture measurement (seconds instead of minutes), and allows a quick fix of the production process. Lab devices have a higher accuracy but the sample (normally 3-20gr) is not representative of ongoing production. (Thousands Kg) Additionally lab instrument requires special expertise by technologist rarely found in most production companies. By contrast, In-line device does not require any specific knowledge of physics/chemistry of materials to control.